Traveling And Talking With Open Water Swimmers In Naples

Traveling And Talking With Open Water Swimmers In Naples

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

One thing is for certain and that is how open water swimmers love talking open water and passing time sharing open water stories with one another.

While traveling, it is great to sit next to another individual in an airplane or train or meet them in a hotel or at a conference who happens to be an open water swimmer. The commonality of open water swimming usually leads to an immediate friendship and a quick back-and-forth exchange of open water experiences both locally and internationally.

How great is it when one’s bed and breakfast is owned and managed by an open water swimmer?

Albert Coward was a pioneer of many open water swims in the Gulf of Naples, Italy. His longest and toughest swim was a 26.3-mile (42.3 km) crossing from Ischia to Castellammare together with Dr. Chris Stockdale in 1986 in 17 hours 48 minutes.

Coward and his wife Giovanna Raffone own and manage the Bed & Breakfast Posillipo Dream in Naples. “We offer authorized Bed & Breakfast services in our own homes to give the people a real taste of true Neapolitan hospitality in various parts of the city and its surroundings. Posillipo Dream is a delightful apartment set in a park in the residential western part of the city which offers not only well-furnished double-rooms with a bath and all comforts but a home immersed in the greenery of Posillipo steeped in Classical history which looks on the mysterious and magical panorama of the Phlegreian Fields and the islands of Nisida, Procida and Ischia.

Your gaze is lost in a breathtaking panorama of the Bay of Naples and the Posillipo coastline with its bathing inlets and beaches, only 10 minutes from home

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