Traveling For Free To Fiji

Traveling For Free To Fiji

Paul McCoy, the visionary engine behind Pacific Swims originally from South Yorkshire, England, randomly hands out some of the most valuable prizes in the open water swimming world: all-expenses-paid trips to Fiji.

That is, if you like tropical warm water, beautifully clear and scenic reef swimming.

In 2009, by partnering with his airline and hotel sponsors in coordination with race directors from Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, Paul randomly selected winners from the UK (1 to Fiji), America (1 to Fiji), Australia (8 to Vanuatu and 6 to Fiji) and New Zealand (6 to Vanuatu and 2 to Fiji).

At our events in Pacific Swims, we get a lot of people who’ve taken up the challenge of ocean or open water swimming fairly recently and it’s great to see the enthusiasm and camaraderie all around at our event swim clinics. We also try to showcase the unique culture, art, dance and music of Vanuatu and Fiji as part of the event experience.”

May luck be on your side in 2010.

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Steven Munatones