Travesía Rosa 2023: A Swim Across Río de la Plata for Breast Cancer Awareness and Lucas Rivet's Cinematic Tribute

Travesía Rosa 2023: A Swim Across Río de la Plata for Breast Cancer Awareness and Lucas Rivet’s Cinematic Tribute

On October 21st, the Travesía Rosa event took place along the Rio de la Plata, marking its fourth annual edition. This 10-kilometer swim – a collective effort to raise funds and awareness – started at the Club Universitario Buenos Aires and ended at the Club Náutico San Isidro in Argentina. The swim is dedicated to supporting early breast cancer detection, a cause underscored by the stark contrast in survival rates: 98% when detected early versus 27% when diagnosed late.

The Travesía Rosa is primarily focused on two objectives: to increase public knowledge about the critical importance of early breast cancer detection and to raise funds to aid those impacted by this condition. Sixty swimmers participated in this year’s swim, each contributing not only through their physical commitment but also by securing donations for every kilometer completed. This collective action serves as a powerful symbol of the fight against breast cancer and emphasizes the event’s broader community impact. The community shared the message of early detection and the collective will to provide support to affected individuals.

There are personal connections and a history behind the cause. The route between the two clubs pays tribute to the father of Julieta O’Connor, one of the event’s leaders, who had ties with both institutions. It also celebrates the resilience of her mother, a two-time breast cancer survivor, embodying the hope and strength central to the Travesía Rosa’s mission.

The Open Water Argentina team, led by Damián Blaum, Fernando Ciaramela, and Lucas Rivet, ensured the security of the participants. The Argentine Naval Prefecture provided oversight, granting necessary authorizations. Swimmers are supported throughout the swim with medical insurance, health certificates, and individual safety buoys, with hydration provided en route.

In reflection of the event’s significance, Lucas Rivet commented, “Our objective goes beyond the physical act of swimming; it is about creating a wave of change that can save lives through early detection.”

Lucas Rivet, the co-founder of Open Water Argentina (OWA) and a fervent advocate for open water swimming and environmental conservation, channeled his film making expertise into a documentary capturing the essence of Travesía Rosa 2023 and extending the reach of Travesía Rosa’s message in their collective effort to support early breast cancer detection.

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