Trent Grimsey Tidies Up The Clean Half

Trent Grimsey Tidies Up The Clean Half

It was huge out there in the very best meaning of the word.

The Clean Half was showered by perfect weather with a fairly calm and warm ocean, and only a few currents to deal with today in Hong Kong.

A new course record for the solo 15 km was broken by Trent Grimsey, who emerged from his retirement with a time of 3:14:23. The English Channel record holder eclipsed the time that Marcos Diaz from the Dominican Republic set three years ago.

In the team’s event, a new course record was also set by Swimming the Wright Way with a blazing time of 3 hours and 47 seconds. The women’s team race was won by The Manta Gals at 3:21:50, and the mixed team division was topped by LCR Awesome Sauce in a time of 3:06:22 while Team Ocean Recovery won the Carbon Neutral Category (swimming and paddling on an outrigger canoe) with a time of 3:25:20.

Race director Doug Woodring was very pleased with the record turnout of 58 teams this year along with 9 solo swimmers, all of whom had to swim past The Wall:

Trent Grimsey is wearing the green t-shirt that includes the Brian Ryckeman in white on far right.

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