Trent Grimsey Throws Down Gauntlet In Grid Race

Trent Grimsey Throws Down Gauntlet In Grid Race

Trent Grimsey remains on a hot streak by taking the grid race at the King and Queen of the Sea this morning on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Faced with Olympic champion on his left and a world champion on his right, the Australian dynamo proved that 800 meters was as much to his liking as the 20-mile English Channel.

Ten pros lined up for the grid race while Grimsey calmly took an outside position. But once the gun went off, he shot out like a cannon. “I was planning to get in the top 3 this morning [in preparation for tomorrow’s main race]. But I thought I would get going. The water temperature was good and I feel good for tomorrow.”

Grimsey led the pack from start to the finish. Swimming straight-line tangents from large buoy to large buoy, Grimsey’s started his kick early in the race and never let up, challenging his competitors to keep up his ferocious pace.

Allan do Carmo and Samuel de Bono finished second and third respectively to pick up the #2 and #3 pole positions behind Grimsey in tomorrow’s King of the Sea race.

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Steven Munatones