Triathlete Airplanes, Gliders, Helicopters In The Open Water

Triathlete Airplanes, Gliders, Helicopters In The Open Water

Courtesy of Gerry Rodrigues, Tower 26, Santa Monica.

Tower 26‘s Be Race Ready 40-minute podcast episode #15 on triathlon swimming has been posted by Coach Gerry Rodrigues.

Jim Lubinski and I discuss more 2016 Rio Olympic swimming and host Coach Michael Collins of the Irvine Novas. We discuss the kick that some athletes use, such as Katie Ledecky and men’s Olympic 1500m champion Gregorio Paltrinieri, referencing how triathletes can benefit from this.

Mike discusses race warm-ups; how he quickly evaluates a beginning swimmer or triathlete, and how he breaks down athletes into three categories: airplanes, gliders and helicopters

In episode #15, Coach Gerry Rodrigues joins with Lubinski and Collinsin the latest TOWER 26’s Be Race Ready podcast posted here or here.

Note: 9 hours 48 minutes was Coach Collins’ Ironman time 25 years ago. This year, as a 50-year-old coach, Collins will attempt to replicate this same fast time at the Arizona Ironman as an athlete – using his own coaching advice on his own swimming technique.

In the podcast, Collins and Rodrigues talks about the efficiency of swimming of Olympic swimmers. They discuss about the desirable sense of tautness – or a firmness or tightness in the body.

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