Triathletes vs. Open Water Swimmers.  What Do You Know?

Triathletes vs. Open Water Swimmers. What Do You Know?

USC vs. UCLA. Cosmonauts vs. astronauts. Vegan vs. carnivores. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Football vs. fútbol. There are all kinds of various opposites and contrasts in the world.

The same is true if you are a triathlete or an open water swimmer.

You know you are a triathlete if…

1. A sprint takes you at least 2 hours
2. Lava is a magazine
3. Your training bikes cost you more than your car
4. You own wetsuits in different thicknesses
5. You have 3 coaches and a masseuse
6. Bonking is a common topic of discussion
7. Kona only means one thing
8. You shave your legs more than your spouse
9. You can fit 2 pairs of Swedish goggles inside your favorite pair of goggles
10. Transitions are critical junctures in a race as opposed to in your life

On the other hand, you know you are an open water swimmer…
1. Your bicycle only has one gear
2. Your running shoes cost less than your cheapest swimsuit
3. You own more goggles than the number of years you spent in college
4. You can detect the scent of chlorine from a distant parking lot
5. The bum side of your swimsuit is much more faded than the front
6. You know at least 4 different routes to your closet body of water
7. Your ankles are as flexible as when you were a teenager
8. You know the temperature of the water by dipping your toes in
9. Pools feel too warm
10. You have sunscreen and Vaseline in your bag, office and car

Photo shows the Henley Swim.

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Steven Munatones