Triathlon Freestyle Simplified: Swim Stronger, Better, Faster

Triathlon Freestyle Simplified: Swim Stronger, Better, Faster

Triathlon Freestyle Simplified: Swim Stronger, Better, Faster

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Rob Sleamaker of VASA has been extremely useful for swimmers and triathletes trapped during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The founder and CEO of VASA was overwhelmed with orders and interest in his swimming-specific Vasa Ergometers at a time when many pools and shorelines were shut down or closed.

Slowly, but surely, after his home state of Vermont opened up, Sleamaker was able to manufacture and fill the global demand of VASA equipment. During the lockdown, Sleamaker put his unexpected free time to good use.

He and co-author Conrad Goeringer released Triathlon Freestyle Simplified: Swim Stronger, Better, Faster on Kindle.

Triathlon Freestyle Simplified provides no-nonsense training methods and swim technique instructions vital for all triathletes, open water swimmers, and coaches. Sleamaker describes the publication, “The book will help you ‘find your freestyle’ for swimming in the open water by simplifying how to improve your swim training and your freestyle technique.

Triathletes, open water distance swimmers, and SwimRun athletes will benefit the most from swim training that maximizes efficiency and saves precious time. Most people lead busy lives, are time-crunched, and need to optimize their time and energy investment, especially multisport athletes. Regardless of your swim background and experience, you will benefit from this distilled approach to training that is designed to address your unique situation, common limiters, and goals

Goeringer and Sleamaker offer ways to improve your open water swimming and overcome challenges most athletes face, and explains why a better body position and increased propulsion matters, and how to leverage land-based training to swim faster.

Triathlon Freestyle Simplified also includes insights from world-class coaches and athletes.

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