Triple Crown Of Open Water Swimming - Apply Now

Triple Crown Of Open Water Swimming – Apply Now

With so many people around the world whetting their appetite for marathon swimming, the number of aspirants to the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming is growing.

Typical of these swimmers is California native Natalie Merrow who recently completed at 13:50 crossing of the Catalina Channel.

The moment she completed her first major channel swim, she was ready for more. “I felt my feet on the rocky bottom [at the finish] and said, ‘Oh my God, it’s here.’ I climbed up on the rocks on all fours, I was so tired but…I remember this black rock that I stepped on, and just burst into tears. It’s very euphoric.”

Next up on her open water swimming bucket list is the 45K Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and the English Channel.

It’s a sickness – I’m kind of addicted to marathon swimming now. I want more. I want the victory.”

Like hundreds of other open water swimmers around the world, her journey begins well in advance…on land and in front of a computer. The application for the 2011 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim opens and closes on November 1st. Applications literally come pouring in online from around the world and the entire field is closed within minutes. The process is described by nd Denison here. Likewise, if slots are not already reserved for the 2011 English Channel season, then the wait for a good position can be years.

Success in the Triple Crown world is partly rooted in getting applications in on time and prepared well in advance.

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Steven Munatones