Troy Prinsloo, The Man Named Hercules

Troy Prinsloo, The Man Named Hercules

Hercules Troyden Prinsloo is a man on a mission.

25 of the fastest swimmers in the world at 10km will be battling each other in one of the toughest events at 2012 London Olympic Games. The field is arguably the strongest ever assembled in the history of the sport…

…and a buff, beefy man named Hercules will find himself right in the middle of the aquatic scrum.

Swimmers from five continents and 34 countries will literally be swimming shoulder to shoulder, jostling for position and stunting, surging and sprinting for position for nearly two hours to get on the Olympic podium at the Serpentine in London.

Prinsloo will represent South Africa and will be against men like the current world champion Spyridon Gianniotis of Greece, Thomas Lurz, one of the best 10 km swimmers of all time, 2008 Beijing Olympics 1500m gold medalist Ous Mellouli, and English Channel record holder Petar Stoychev.

Prinsloo has been training hard, swimming 90-100 km a week, often by himself, as part of his preparation for his first ever Olympic marathon swim. His strategy will be clear and focused: stay up with the leaders and hang on at the end. This same stragegy worked for him when he swam to fifth place at the final Olympic qualifier at Setabul, Portugal during June.

The husky South African has the physical gifts to be a serious, if somewhat unknown, contender. Follow Hercules on television…but for more background information and additional live insider coverage, visit here.

Photo of by RRAD from the South African Open Water Swimming Championships.

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