True Heroes Serve To Uplift, Support, Inspire Others

True Heroes Serve To Uplift, Support, Inspire Others

Courtesy of Jim Clifford with Sally Minty-Gravett and Charlie Gravett.

It has always been our opinion that the real heroes of the sport of open water swimming are those individuals who are not only great athletes or pilots themselves, but also those whose actions serve to uplift, support, and inspire others.

These heroes are individuals like Jim Clifford with his channel swimming exploits over the age of 60, Sally Minty-Gravett with her marathon swimming exploits over the past 5 decades, and Charlie Gravett who has served as an escort pilot over 20 years.

After being recognized as an Honour Contributor by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame due to his lifelong work as an administrator of the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club and a prolific escort boat captain, Charlie admitted his surprise and exposed his humility – simple and profound examples why he is truly a hero of the sport.

[Last] Saturday evening at the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation annual dinner, I was totally knocked bandy with Ned Denison’s proclamation of my induction into the IMSHOF as an Honour Contributor. I very much appreciate the honour’ however my duties are very much as part of a team here in Jersey. I am pleased to accept the award on behalf of all those who assist and support our crews in our sea-going adventures.”

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