Try And Try And Try Again

Try And Try And Try Again

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Round Two of the 22-mile The Swim Around The Islands goes to Mother Nature. So far, She is up 2-0 on the relay quartet of Joe Rainero (49, shown above), Matt Maurer (38), Triple Crowner Lance Ogren (44), and Mike Stresemann (54).

Rainero summarized their effort, “We successfully determined another way not to do this swim – or maybe we even figured out the hardest way to attempt it. We miscalculated the tides and were swimming against the current nearly all day. We made it over 10 miles, but eventually had to cut the swim short because two swimmers only progressed about 100 yards in two 15-minute intervals of swimming as we entered the Charleston Harbor.”

Matt Maurer reported similarly, “It took 6 or 7 hours to go 10 miles. [There was] no love today. We swam the entire coastline [and] got to the end of Sullivan’s Island. Lance and I swam in place and literally did not move one inch because of the tide. It was terrible.”

But not terrible enough to stop trying.

It was tough, but we will learn from it and make another attempt soon,” said Rainero.

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Steven Munatones