Try Something New In Spain, SwimBarcelona

Try Something New In Spain, SwimBarcelona

The first SwimBarcelona event took place last year with the help of volunteers and the Barcelona City Council.

Without a doubt, the effort was worth,” said Aida Molina. “Swimmers enjoyed with an impressive view of the Barcelona coastline throughout the swim. The 5,700 and 3,600 straight-line meters between the Barceloneta beach and the Forum Harbour provided views of such landmark buildings as the Vela hotel, the Olympic Village with its overlooking towers, as well as numerous restaurants and social bars which line the shore.”

The next SwimBarcelona event will take place September 8th and 9th with quite a crowd. “This year, we estimate that more than 150 swimmers will participate. Together with SwimBarcelona, the Swim Around Sa Dragonera Island in Majorca will also be popular.”

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Steven Munatones