Try Try Again After DNF (Did Not Fail)

Try Try Again After DNF (Did Not Fail)

Kevin Murphy and Abhejali Bernardová met with Antonio Argüelles in Dover after his two-way attempt of the English Channel this week feel short. The 62-year-old Argüelles reached Cap Gris Nez in good time on his first leg from England to France, 12 hours 58 minutes in smooth water.

This second leg under the escort of Michael Oram went smoothly as planned until the tricky currents near Dover and the cold water eventually got to Argüelles after 23 hours in the Channel. His swim was aborted and his spirits were remarkably buoyant. “I see my swim [attempt] as a big success. This is just my second double, we have learned a lot during this past year. I see it as the entrance you have to pay to be in another type of swims. Also, fulfilled one dream I had since the beginning, I landed in Cap Gris Nez.”

English Channel double crossing attempt course over 23 hours

Over the last year, Argüelles has described and explained his training on the Diary of a Double program (see here). He described his long training sessions in Aquatic Park, Acapulco, La Jolla and Las Estacas. He told of his workouts with escort kayaker Dan Simonelli and coach Rafa Álvarez. He talked about his use of KAATSU, his enjoyment of food and drink, and balancing family, business, and his arduous workout schedule. He discussed his dryland training and the English- and Spanish-language productions of the audio books of The Forever Swim.

The culmination, wrap-up and next steps along his year-round Channel journey will be discussed tomorrow on WOWSA Live.

Rick Seirer, an Australian open water swimmer and farmer who rears cattle in Australia, remains the oldest person to complete a two-way 67 km crossing of the English Channel, achieved in 2019 in 29 hours 46 minutes at the age of 59 years 351 days.

Photo above provided by Vasanti Niemz.

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