Try, Try, Try Again.  Go Joe, Go

Try, Try, Try Again. Go Joe, Go

It looks like Joseph Locke will give the 30-mile Farallon Islands crossing another try next week.

Cold, distance, and the plentiful Great White Sharks are various elements to consider, but are not to be feared by the Harvard University graduate and financier.

Locke can be tracked on the Night Train Swimmers website (here) after his 1:30 am California starting time on Monday, June 10th.

Locke will be supported by David McGuire of Sea Stewards during his attempt to swim the 30 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallon Islands in the 53-54ºF (11-12ºC) water. He lasted over 7 hours during his last attempt when the water dropped to 47ºF (8ºC).

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Steven Munatones