Turks & Caicos "Race for the Conch" Eco-SeaSwim Returns

Turks & Caicos “Race for the Conch” Eco-SeaSwim Returns

Race founder Ben Stubenberg announced, “The 2021 Turks & Caicos Race for the Conch Eco-SeaSwim was held earlier this year on June 26th, but it was touch-and-go until the very last few days. Working closely with the government on a plan, we required that everyone either be fully vaccinated or take an antigen test on the spot and wait 15 minutes before entering the registration/check in area on the beach. 90% of swimmers were in fact vaccinated. Only 10% had to take the antigen test, and most of those were because they couldn’t produce their vaccination card. We had 101 swimmers in the mile and half mile swims, although we canceled the 2.4-mile this year.

We are looking forward to race next year that is set for Saturday June 25th 2022 in Grace Bay on Providenciales.”

The Race For The Conch Eco-SeaSwim is a features 0.5-mile, 1-mile and 2.4-mile sea swims in Providenciales in Turks & Caicos.

The race is held on the last Saturday of June in the warm, clear, turquoise waters of Grace Bay. Ben Stubenberg and Chloe Zimmerman founded the event in 2010, and it has been steadily grown ever since, except for 2020 when the race was canceled due to COVID. 

Turks & Caicos is located 550 miles southeast of Miami, below the Bahama Islands. There are many direct airline flights from Miami, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, and London. One of World’s Top 100 Open Water Swims, the event has attracted many world class swimmers over the years, including Marcos Díaz, Rowdy Gaines, Clay Britt, Eney Jones, and Yuko Matsuzaki, but is also tranquil and welcoming enough for swimmers new to the sport. The race offers an open water swim clinic the afternoon before the race on the race course for swimmers who feel they need a little extra preparation. 

Race website and registration for the June 25th 2022 event is posted at www.ecoseaswim.com.

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