Turning An Awww…OH NO Into A Yes

Courtesy of KHON2 News, Molokai Channel, Hawaii.

Ryan Leong and Stefan Reinke had a slew of highs and lows last week.

On their first attempt of the Molokai Channel from Molokai to Oahu, they aborted their tandem crossing, together with fellow endurance athlete Mark Williams, after 8 hours due to the presence of a tiger shark.

But they simply turned the page and made another attempt that they completed in 19 hours 32 minutes on September 4th. “It was the longest night of my life. We started our swim at 6 pm, swam through the night and saw sunrise.,” said Leong.

I wanted to do this swim for as long as I can remember,” Reinke explained to KHON2 News.

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Steven Munatones