Turning On The Jets In The Open Water

Turning On The Jets In The Open Water

Chloe Sutton showed her superior strength and speed on the backstretch of the last loop at the USA Swimming National 10K Open Water Swimming Championships in Long Beach, California when she zoomed into the lead with ease.

See The Athlete Village video below.

After a fast pace throughout the race (1st 2K loop: 23:49, 2nd loop: 23:59, 3rd loop: 24:12, 4th loop: 23:35, 5th loop: 23:42), Chloe swept pass Emily Brunemann, Christine Jennings and Eva Fabian.

Once in the lead, she hung on to 1:59:18 to Christine’s 1:59:20.3, Eva’s 1:59:20.4 and Emily’s 1:59:24.

It is interesting to note that Christine and Eva raced a total of 15K (9.3 miles) in two separate races at the National Championships, but only a total of 3 tenths of a second separated them over the 5K and 10K races. In the 5K, Christine beat Eva 59:45.7 to 59:45.9.

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Steven Munatones