Twichell, Ponsele, Šitić On Universiade Podium

Twichell, Ponsele, Šitić On Universiade Podium

Under beautiful weather, Ashley Twichell of the USA won the gold, Aurora Ponsele of Italy the silver, and Karla Šitić of Croatia the bronze at the 2013 Universiade (World University Games) in Kazan, Russia today.

Šitić commented about the 10 km course in the rowing basin, “The water temperature was high a little bit, 28-29°C (82-84ºF), but I really liked the course. There was no wind during the race so there was no turbulence.”

Except those calm conditions were offset by the physicality. “Some of the girls were rough, but nothing too much. The race was hard, but it was well worth it!

The final results:

1. Ashley Twichell (USA) 2:05:00.9
2. Aurora Ponsele (ITA) 2:05:31.9
3. Karla Šitić (CRO) 2:05:32.1
4. Emily Brunemann (USA) 2:05:32.8
5. Jessica Walker (AUS) 2:05:34.4
6. Angelina Borodina (RUS) 2:06:52.1
7. Silvie Rybarova (CZE) 2:06:53.1
8. Jade Dusablon (CAN) 2:06:53.8
9. Sofia Petrenko (RUS) 2:08:30.5
10. Leah Cutting (AUS) 2:08:52.9
11. Lizeth Rueda Campos (MEX) 2:09:31.5
12. Charlotte Webby (NZL) 2:11:52.1
13. Betina Lorscheitter (BRA) 2:13:29.4
14. Heather Maitland (CAN) 2:14:48.1
15. Melissa Villasenor Reyes (MEX) 2:14:51.3
16. Natasha Terri Tang Wing Yung (HKG) 2:17:43.0
Paola Andrea Jaramillo (COL) DNF

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