Two Knuckleheads To Make Attempt For The Red Jacket

Two Knuckleheads To Make Attempt For The Red Jacket

Jerome Leslie, a 6′-9″ (205.7cm) swimmer, and Elaine Kornbau Howley, a Triple Crown swimmer, have been training quite a bit for their first official Ice Swim this Saturday.

Scheduled for the cold-water dip in Boston Harbour under the auspices of the Massachusetts Open Water Swimming Association (MOWSA), Howley predicts, “I think we have a fighting chance at success [at the 1-mile swim under 5°C]. The goal is to get a nifty red [International Ice Swimming Association] jacket.

I think we know what we’re in for and have been preparing as best we can. Still, the water temperature dropped much faster than we originally anticipated

The start will start at 9 am at the famous L Street Beach in South Boston. The duo will together in a 3-loop course along the shore, never swimming in water deeper than 4 feet as a safety precaution. Greg O’Connor of MOWSA will serve as the official observer as Leslie and Howley will have kayakers alongside.

Jerome and I are friends from swimming together with the Nahant Knuckleheads. He’s a core member of the group who swims all winter long. He has a real knack for this cold water stuff. I think he’s got the mental part all locked up. I’m relying on a mix of adrenaline and stubbornness to get me through.”

The water in Boston Harbor was hovering around 40°F (4.4°C) so the time is right for Leslie and Howley to add a bright red jacket to their wardrobe.

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Steven Munatones