UANA (Unión Americana de Natación) Open Water Officials Named

UANA (Unión Americana de Natación) Open Water Officials Named

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Swimming Union of the Americas (UANA or Unión Americana de Natación) elected 12 Open Water Swimming committee members for the 2015-19 term.

UANA is the organization whose purpose is to organize, supervise and control amateur aquatics activities and events involving pool swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open water swimming in South America, Central America, Caribbean and North America.

UANA was founded by Mexicans Don Javier Ostos Mora and Don Antonio Mariscal Abascal and enjoys a mutually beneficial partnership with United States Aquatic Sports and the Aquatic Federation of Canada. Dale Neuburger is currently its President.

Chairman: Jorge Delgado, Ecuador
Vice Chairman: Denny Ryther, USA
Secretary: Michael Lockwood, Cayman Islands
Member: David de Vlieger, Canada
Member: Marco Flores, Guatemala
Member: Teodolo Tomás Haces Germán, Cuba
Member: Andrew Kirby, Barbados
Member: Nicole Normandin, Canada
Member: Ricardo Olmos, Chile
Member: Nelson Osorio, Colombia
Member: Rick Walker, USA
Athlete: to be named
Liaison: Algernon Cargill, Bahamas

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