Putting Open Water Training On Ice

Putting Open Water Training On Ice

Marcos Díaz is on his final leg for his Swim Across The Continents, a replication of Lynne Cox’s famous 1987 swim in 4°C (40°F) from the island of Little Diomede in Alaska to Big Diomede Island, then part of the Soviet Union.

Marcos is currently on his way from his native Dominican Republic to Anchorage, Alaska, then Nome, then Cape Wales where he will wait for the proper weather to take a boat to Little Diomede and then Big Diomede to do his Bering Strait swim.

In preparation of his ice-cold swim, a local ice-making company in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic called Grupo Alaska replicated the condition of the Bering Strait in tropical-warm Santo Domingo 25-meter pool. Grupo Alaska put over 50,000 pounds of ice in the pool yesterday morning and by the afternoon the pool was 2-3°C.

“This gave me a chance to do my last training session here with all my gear. I had the chane to test everything and then I realized that I will have to wear two wetsuits in order to make it safe,” explained Marcos.

It was the first time that a 25-meter outdoor swimming pool in Caribbean had the water temperature change from 28°C to under 5°C. To do that in the middle of a very hot summer was a big challange for Grupo Alaska. They did it, and we had the chance to train under [the Bering Strait conditions] here at home before taking off to Bering tomorow.”

Incredible sponsorship. The ultimate partnership. Tremendously creative preparation.

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