The Ultimate Sacrifice In The Open Water

The Ultimate Sacrifice In The Open Water

The Brisbane Times provided a heart-wrenching story about a remarkably brave and selfless woman in the remarkable area of Burketown in Queensland, Australia.

Donna Chong sacrificed her life for her nephew as reported by the Brisbane Times here.

Murrandoo Yanner explained, “She swam away from safety to rescue her five-year-old nephew who couldn’t swim and had been swept into the open water. She’s managed to grab him in a bear hug and she’s then taken him with her over the ledge of the falls which is a sharp drop onto jagged rocks and she’s then held him through another 50 meters of turbulent water where she’s managed to get him safely to the bank before being swept away.”

An incredible woman with the ultimate good in her heart that she demonstrated until her last moments of life.

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Steven Munatones