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The World's Coldest, Hardest, Longest, Toughest, Most Extreme Swims By, for and about ultramarathon and extreme swimmers

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Organize and promote the world’s coldest, hardest, longest, toughest, most extreme open water swims


By, for, and about ultramarathon and extreme open water swimmers


  • ​Support race directors to market, promote, and sponsor the sport on a global scale
  • Replace and expand the former FINA UltraMarathon Swim Series that no longer exists
  • Increase exposure and sponsorship of marathon and extreme swims and swimmers
  • Continue the goodwill and history of marathon swimming – from the WPMSF (World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation) to the IMSA (International Marathon Swimming Association) to the FINA TOWSC (Technical Open Water Swimming Association)
  • Recruit and vet amateur swimmers to create a pro-am global series

History & Reinvention

The sport of professional marathon swimming has traditionally reinvented itself every 20 – 30 years.   The sport is entering the Fifth Generation of Marathon Swimming

First Generation in the 1920’s: The first major heyday of marathon swimming was in the 1920’s with a global awareness of channel swimming (English Channel and Catalina Channel) and marathon competitions (CNN).

Second Generation in the 1950’s: The next major cycle was in the 1950’s with English Channel races and other marathon competitions around the world.

Third Generation in the 1970’s: The next cycle was in the 1970’s with the emergence of the World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation.

Fourth Generation in the 1990’s: The next cycle began in the 1990’s with the absorption of the historic professional marathon swims by FINA.

Fifth Generation in the 2020’s: 2022 will emerge as the next major cycle as the 2008 Olympic marathon swim served as the catalyst for an unprecedented explosion in marathon swimmers around the world, currently over 22,000 professional and amateur athletes.

Benefits for Race Directors & Events

  • Generate additional revenue via the recruitment of amateur swimmers.
  • Provide multilingual press releases distributed to local & international media on behalf of the events and swimmers.
  • Create, share and manage a global database of race results and swimmer profiles.
  • Manage a ranking system for men and women by age groups (based on  the FINA masters age divisions).
  • Recruit experienced announcers to provide livecast commentary of each race.
  • Create excitement and exposure to help race directors obtain additional local sponsorship.
  • Introduce coaches to develop training programs.
  • Coordinate swim vacations, camps and clinics to bring additional swimmer to participate
  • Provide coordinated event and swimmer promotions.
  • Plan for an expanded and more profitable future together with WOWSA and all the race directors.
  • All opinions and recommendations are welcomed.


  1. The events are well organized, providing a difficult, but safe and enjoyable challenge
  2. The events are held in beautiful locations with a hospitable and knowledgeable staff
  3. The events wish to carry on the historic legacy of competitive open water swimming
  4. The events have a positive vision of the future and intend to contribute to the growth of the sport

Race Director’s Guide

Race Director’s Guide

This manual serves to define the requirements and expectations for being part of the 2022 UltraMarathon Swim Series.

Each race on the Series will have a responsibility to adhere to these requirements and expectations – and will also have a key voice to help the Series grow and prosper.  Together as a global community, we wish to establish a uniform format for the benefit of each event and each swimmer.

Monthly meetings via Zoom and post-race meetings will be held so everyone’s opinions, observations, and recommendations can be heard and considered regarding (1) officiating, (2) rule interpretations, (3) pre-race registration, (4) organizational procedures, (5) in-race and post-race reporting, (6) media relations, (7) venue signage, (8) escort boats, (9) technical support from timing to buoy placement, and (10) disciplinary actions.


2022 UltraMarathon Swim Event Registration

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UltraMarathon Swim Series

The World's Coldest, Hardest, Longest, Toughest, Most Extreme Swims By, for and about ultramarathon and extreme swimmers

WOWSA History

  • The World Open Water Swimming Association was founded by Steven Munatones in 2005 as a means to support marathon swimming in anticipation of the 10k Marathon Swim at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.
  • Since 2005, over 20,000 articles have been published documenting the athletic achievements, competitive events, and open water trends, rules, history and results around the world in open water swimming.
  • WOWSA has a global directory of over 22,000 swimmers, 1,780 coaches, and 5,500 events, as well as a mailing list of over 20,000 individuals and a social media following of over 30,000 that help to amplify event marketing.