UltraSwim 33.3 #3Croatia: The Challenge, the Community and the Camaraderie

UltraSwim 33.3 #3Croatia: The Challenge, the Community and the Camaraderie

The UltraSwim 33.3 #3Croatia, a part of the Epic Adventure Swim Race Series™ for 2024, has successfully wrapped up in Hvar, Croatia. From May 17-20, swimmers tackled a 33.3km challenge, mirroring the English Channel’s distance, spread over four days and six swims in the beautiful location of Hvar, one of the sunniest places in Europe.

The competition kicked off in the historic Stari Grad and concluded in the vibrant Hvar Town. The course wove through secret bays and passed by stunning islands, offering participants a unique view of Croatia’s natural beauty. The event not only tested physical stamina but also provided a scenic exploration of the western end of Hvar Island.

UltraSwim 33.3 #Croatia, Day 1 of the 33.3km challenge. Participants swim along the coast of Hvar, starting in the ancient town of Stari Grad Photo – Vincent Curutchet / Lloyd Images

Day 1: The event began with swimmers covering 9.3km in two legs; starting from the picturesque beach of Places by Valamar and ending in an exclusive bay after rounding the headland of Kabal.

UltraSwim 33.3 #Croatia, Day 2 of the 33.3km challenge. Participants swim along the coast of Hvar. Photo – Vincent Curutchet / Lloyd Images

Day 2: Swimmers embarked on an 8.2km journey starting back at the previous day’s finish line. The course featured a challenging 2.3km channel crossing with strong currents and concluded in Stiniva Bay, marked by emotional finishes.

UltraSwim 33.3 #Croatia, Day 3 of the 33.3km challenge. Participants swim along the coast of Hvar. Photo – Vincent Curutchet / Lloyd Images

Day 3: The race continued around the Paklinski Islands, covering 11.4km. Despite initial concerns about the weather, conditions were favorable, allowing swimmers to enjoy the company of local dolphins.

UltraSwim 33.3 #Croatia, Day 4 of the 33.3km challenge. Participants swim along the coast of Hvar. Photo – Vincent Curutchet / Lloyd Images

Day 4: The series concluded with a 4.4km swim, a relatively relaxed finale to the strenuous days prior.

The event fostered a strong sense of community among participants, highlighted by the emotional and supportive atmosphere at the finish lines each day. The challenging conditions and picturesque settings provided a backdrop for what many participants described as a transformative experience.

Congratulations to the category winners of this year’s race:

  • Women’s Skins: Dina Levačić, Croatia (WOWSA Award Winner Woman of the Year 2023)
  • Women’s Wetsuit: Mariana Santos, Portugal
  • Men’s Skins: Olivier Delfosse, Belgium
  • Men’s Wetsuit: Vincent Gremeaux, France

These swimmers demonstrated exceptional skill and endurance. The success of the event was also made possible with the support of local partners including Stari Grad and Hvar town, along with hotels such as Valamar Resorts, Maslina Resort, and Suncani Hotels.

As participants depart from Hvar, the memories of the UltraSwim 33.3 #3Croatia will undoubtedly linger, from the daunting challenge to the unexpected wildlife encounters. Each swimmer leaves with personal triumphs and stories of a truly epic swimming adventure in Croatia.

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Solo – Women Skins

NameRace categoryTime
1LEVACIC DINASolo – Women Skins10:14:47
2DESPOUY TIPHAINESolo – Women Skins10:49:48
3PUDNEY LIZSolo – Women Skins11:23:39
4WENDLER JUDITHSolo – Women Skins11:34:14
5MATTINEN KIRSISolo – Women Skins11:36:22
6BRAEKEVELD ISABELLESolo – Women Skins11:56:04
7SEYMOUR ASHLEYSolo – Women Skins11:56:45
8CHANDLER JUSTINESolo – Women Skins12:13:02
9NORDIN ANNA-CARINSolo – Women Skins12:55:01
10EDGAR FAYSolo – Women Skins13:13:18
11HALL JILLSolo – Women Skins13:42:54
12LEVET SANDRASolo – Women Skins14:29:07
13LAURENS ALEXSolo – Women Skins14:44:35
14SMET STEPHANIESolo – Women Skins14:47:23
15SEFRIOUI AMALSolo – Women Skins16:36:20

Solo – Women Wetsuit

1SANTOS MARIANASolo – Women Wetsuit10:00:01
2DYMOND SALLYSolo – Women Wetsuit10:29:04
3ZIESER KATRINSolo – Women Wetsuit10:47:31
4LINFORD DAWNSolo – Women Wetsuit11:30:25
5FRANKEL BECKYSolo – Women Wetsuit11:38:31
6MONJALET SOPHIESolo – Women Wetsuit11:46:35
7SAUNDERS DAWNSolo – Women Wetsuit11:51:07
8FOSTER KATIESolo – Women Wetsuit12:20:31
9SCHOONEN MARLIESSolo – Women Wetsuit12:50:12
10DELHAY CHRISTINESolo – Women Wetsuit12:50:33
11DU TOIT TESSASolo – Women Wetsuit12:52:55
12FABREGA JULIASolo – Women Wetsuit13:12:36
13SOWARD KATHERINESolo – Women Wetsuit14:15:20
14BERMEJO-SANZ MARIA DEL VAL [MARIVAL]Solo – Women Wetsuit14:16:01
15CLERC LAURENCESolo – Women Wetsuit15:45:09
16VERDONCK INGRIDSolo – Women Wetsuit18:23:46

Solo – Men Skins

1DELFOSSE OLIVIERSolo – Men Skins8:41:56
2PRCHAL JAYSolo – Men Skins9:18:08
3WIJN GEERTSolo – Men Skins9:50:30
4DR. ILGNER MICHAELSolo – Men Skins10:10:21
5NIEVEEN RUDISolo – Men Skins10:17:36
6BOETTCHER MARTINSolo – Men Skins10:18:57
7DE ARRUDA BRAVIM BRUNOSolo – Men Skins10:24:09
8TUSET JACQUESSolo – Men Skins11:16:25
9MURPHY BARRYSolo – Men Skins11:16:45
10COX DAVIDSolo – Men Skins12:58:27
11THEPOT NICOLSSolo – Men Skins13:40:53
12KAPLAN ELANSolo – Men Skins13:53:52
13SLAOUI IBRAHIMSolo – Men Skins13:57:29
14WHITE STEPHENSolo – Men Skins14:01:34
15LAMBRECHT MARCSolo – Men Skins15:42:07

Solo – Men Wetsuit

1GREMEAUX VINCENTSolo – Men Wetsuit8:41:13
2GUISARD STEPHANESolo – Men Wetsuit8:41:41
3HARRIS CHRISSolo – Men Wetsuit8:43:01
4KINDRED JOSHSolo – Men Wetsuit10:13:41
5TYERS IANSolo – Men Wetsuit10:27:51
6TYERS ARCHIESolo – Men Wetsuit10:34:36
7MAERTENS FRANKSolo – Men Wetsuit10:41:27
8IULIANO ALESSANDROSolo – Men Wetsuit10:53:13
9ERICSSON MIKAELSolo – Men Wetsuit11:03:55
10SEDGHI BABAKSolo – Men Wetsuit11:09:15
11COZZARI CORRADOSolo – Men Wetsuit11:14:07
12BRUNSWICK ROBSolo – Men Wetsuit11:30:07
13LETCHWORTH PAULSolo – Men Wetsuit11:35:03
14MUSTAFIN RINATSolo – Men Wetsuit12:00:45
15ROBERTSEN ERICSolo – Men Wetsuit12:18:40
16BENKIRANE OMARSolo – Men Wetsuit12:35:36
17WILLIAMS BRYNSolo – Men Wetsuit12:39:47
18MELCHIORRE DINOSolo – Men Wetsuit12:43:22
19SEXTON DEREKSolo – Men Wetsuit13:02:21
20NASROLLAH KAMALSolo – Men Wetsuit13:12:52
21EGGERT MORITZSolo – Men Wetsuit13:15:42
22BRENTON GARYSolo – Men Wetsuit13:36:56
23DAVIES SIMONSolo – Men Wetsuit13:51:59
24DONALDSON ANDYSolo – Men Wetsuit13:55:47
25WERNQVIST GORANSolo – Men Wetsuit13:58:36
26MILLER THOMASSolo – Men Wetsuit14:05:40
27OBRIEN NEILSolo – Men Wetsuit14:18:37
28DE BORREKENS PHILIPPESolo – Men Wetsuit14:20:49
29IARAKI JAOUADSolo – Men Wetsuit14:56:05
30SALAS JOSESolo – Men Wetsuit14:57:03
31MARRAKCHI YOUNESSolo – Men Wetsuit15:06:59
32LEWIS ANDYSolo – Men Wetsuit15:07:44
33GHALLAB HAMIDSolo – Men Wetsuit15:11:03

WOWSA Award Winner Man of the Year 2023 Andy Donaldson