The Unknown Mix In Malibu - Surfers, Swimmers And Sharks

The Unknown Mix In Malibu – Surfers, Swimmers And Sharks

Diane Bell of Sign On San Diego reported that there is another area near the California coast where Great White Sharks congregate – at the famous Malibu Beach where surfers and swimmers have ventured in off-shore waters for decades.

She reported that Captain Brett McBride tags Great White Sharks off the coast of San Francisco – within the Red Triangle – and Malibu, California.

Captain McBride’s mission is to discover more about the sharks and their habits and habitats. They found the young Great White Sharks abound just 300 meters off the coast of Malibu.

Fortunately, the Captain explained that most are juvenile Great Whites not interested in eating humans or seals – halibut is more of their liking. “I would never be concerned. Driving to the beach is much more dangerous than swimming at the beach.”

For anyone who is driven in Southern California, his words ring true.

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Steven Munatones