Unlocking the Channel: Free Webinar Series with Chloë McCardel

Unlocking the Channel: Free Webinar Series with Chloë McCardel

Aspiring marathon swimmers have a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field, the “Channel Queen,” Chloë McCardel, through a series of free webinars specifically tailored for those considering a half or full English Channel swim. Chloë’s remarkable achievements in open water swimming include forty-four solo crossings of the English Channel, with standout feats such as completing eight crossings in a single season and three crossings within one week. Additionally, she has accomplished three double-crossings was the fourth person ever to complete a non-stop triple-crossing of the Channel. Chloë has also coached over 160 swimmers to swim as solo and relay swimmers across the Channel and shares her extensive expertise in these engaging online sessions.

The webinar series kicked off in May and runs into early June, covering a range of topics essential for successful channel swimming. Each session lasts 90 minutes, designed to cater to both solo and relay swimmers aiming for the English Channel. Unfortunately, the sessions on May 20 and 21 have already taken place, but there are more dates available:

  • May 27, 28
  • June 3, 4, 10

Each webinar focuses on different aspects of channel swimming preparation, including choosing the right skipper, training plans, swim techniques, nutrition, pain management, and more. The final session on June 10 will address common reasons why solo and relay swims fail and how to avoid these pitfalls.

Attendees of the webinars will have the unique opportunity to interact directly with Chloë, receiving personalized advice from an experienced channel swimmer. Scheduled in UK time, these sessions are accessible globally, with a timezone converter available to accommodate international participants. She will share exclusive insights drawn from her extensive swimming and coaching experiences, providing practical and proven advice to all attendees.

Registration Details

Participants need to register individually for each session they wish to attend. It’s important to note that the webinars are not recorded,.

Upcoming Dates

  • Webinar 3 (Open Water & Pool Swimming Session Plans): May 27
  • Webinar 4 (Technique Focus): May 28
  • Webinar 5 (Nutrition & Pain Management During Training): June 3
  • Webinar 6 (Channel Swim Feeding Plan & Pain Management): June 4
  • Webinar 7 (Avoiding Common Failures & Open Mic): June 10

How to Register

Interested swimmers can register through the links provided on the official website, where they can also submit questions in advance and sign up for session reminders.

Chloë is also involved in various charitable activities and supports environmental education through her Sea School initiative. Participants in the webinar are encouraged to support these efforts if possible.