Unselfish Swimmers Raise Money For Charities

Unselfish Swimmers Raise Money For Charities

As more swimmers take to the water, more monies are raised for a number of causes. From the ubiquitous Polar Bear Swims in December and January where hundreds or thousands of people participate in a cold-water dip to channel swimmers, the charitable efforts of swimmers is renowned.

In the English Channel with the Channel Swimming Association, there have been a number of individuals whose efforts have raised significant funds.

Among the heavy-hitters who have raised at least US$100,000 are the following:

1. Sunny Lowry (2003), £3.5 million for the Victoria Baths, Manchester
2. David Walliams (2006), £1 million for Sport Relief
3. Chris Stockdale, $300,000 for various charities
4. Anne Steele (2007), £150,000 for Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia
5. Tri 4 life Teams A and B (2006), £100,000 for Stick n Step, Liverpool Heartbeat and Brit Heart Foundation

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Steven Munatones