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18 km Gulf of Gdansk solo or relay between June-September. The time of swimming depends on the weather conditions from Hel to Gdynia Babie Doly or From Gdynia Babie Doly to Hel. Two way crossings are available.

The Gdańsk Bay is a part of the Baltic Sea that holds significant importance for Poland. In the 16th century, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was a powerhouse in grain trade. Moreover, the region is home to the Amber Route, adorned with amber referred to as the Baltic Gold. In the vicinity of the Gdańsk Bay, there are original deposits of succinite (Baltic amber), considered the most valuable in the world. The Gdańsk Bay itself holds another crucial significance for open water swimmers. The route, challenging many swimmers, spans approximately 20 km, connecting Gdańsk and Hel. The first person to achieve this feat was Gertruda Skowrońska on July 15, 1928. She reached her destination in 12 hours and 42 minutes.

Currently, the route has been slightly modified, typically starting the attempt from Hel and ending at Babie Doły beach in Gdynia, or vice versa, covering around 18 km. It is an area where one can embark on their adventure in channel swimming, as challenges such as varying water temperature, marine currents, waves, relatively low water temperature, and changing weather conditions await. Despite the challenges, the distance is manageable in 4-8 hours. Additionally, this body of water is part of the Polish Triple Crown in Open Water Swimming, which includes crossing the Catalina Channel, the English Channel, and the Gdańsk Bay.



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Over 10k





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Channel Swim

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