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Welcome to the 2024 Penang International Ocean Swimming Festival (PIOSF)!

Ocean Technical Officials Education Certification: 

Offers world-standard training for event officials and organisers, emphasising safety and professional standards, sharing knowledge to uplift event standards to international levels and further strengthen safety protocols. Encourages officiating as a professional skill to be attained and developed.

WOWSA Global Workshop: 

Sharing trends in open water swimming and the tremendous growth and following the sport is experiencing, and returning to the origins of swimming to appreciate and be one with nature. Discusses how the sport can impact Asia and highlights how open water swimming, with its large following and huge publicity, serves as a platform for climate action.

WOWSA-ASCA Coaches Education Certification: 

The best of the best, sharing the pathway to pinnacle success in elite open water swimming and how every ocean swimmer can glide through the waves. Led by Coach Fernando Possenti and Coach Quinn Fitzgerald, two of the world’s leading and most successful experts.

XChannel Escape Ocean Crossing: 

Features elite, age-group challengers, and mass open water swimming enthusiasts in internationally sanctioned 6KM & 3KM swims. 

The ‘Escape’ is the first and only Ferry Jump-Off Ocean Swim Start in Asia!

Participants will relive this glorious legacy ocean crossing from the early days of the British Empire Crown Colony, Pearl of The Orient.

Para Ocean Adventure: 

“The Ocean Discriminates None & Welcomes All!” 

An exclusive, world-first fully inclusive ocean crossing swim curated by and for the largest group of compassionate non-profit organisations.

Ocean Finswimming: 

Introducing the true one and only Pearl of The Atlantis, coming alive and whizzing with elites and challengers riding the waves, guided by our very own native straits dolphins! 

Features world elites, age-group challengers, and ocean finners.

This is a festival committed to Excellence, Inclusivity, Fun, and Global Standards.



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