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COURSE INFO: For the 3K and 1K swims, it will be a “beach start” on the north shore of Lake Elmo.
The 3K course is 3 laps of a triangular counter-clockwise course. Participants will swim
towards the southwest corner of the lake before turning left and swimming parallel to the south
shore (where the Fish, Wildlife and Parks building is located) heading east. Near the east shore
line another left turn will be made and participants will swim parallel to the north shore heading
towards the boat ramp and then turning left at the buoy. Those in the 3K will complete three
laps of the course before finishing. Swimmers in the 1K will swim towards the boat ramp, going
west. One lap only. The finish line is up the boat ramp through the finishing chute.
Participants in the 400m swim will start in the water near the boat ramp. They will swim 200m,
going east, towards the turn around buoy, go around the buoy and finish up the boat ramp
through the finishing chute.

SITE: Lake Elmo State Park • Billings Heights
DEADLINES: Early Registration: June 16 • Online Registration: June 30
FEES: $30 First Event • $10 Second Event
Late registration (after June 16) : $35 First Event • $10 Second Event
COMMISSIONER: Sean Phelps • 406-647-8140
SCHEDULE: 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. • Check-In
9:30 a.m. • Rolling Schedule 1K, 3K, 400m

SPECIAL INFO: USA Swimming and US Masters Swimming rules and regulations will apply to the
event. There will be non-wetsuit and wetsuit divisions in 1K, 3K and 400 meter swim. Flotation
shorts and flotation pants are classified as wetsuits. Skinsuits/Speedsuits may be used in the
non-wetsuit division. For a list of approved suits please go to Wetsuits will not be allowed
if the water temperature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Races will be cancelled if water
temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Race organizers reserve the right to modify or
cancel the event due to weather and other conditions.


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