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  • WETSUITS: If the water temperature is below 78 degrees we will be wetsuit legal. This means you can wear a wetsuit if you want, but you do not have to wear one.
  • SWIM CAPS: Please be sure you wear a swim cap for safety. We will give you a swim cap on race day.
  • COURSE: See the course maps. The courses will be marked with large buoys.
    • The 5000m Swim begins with a 500m ½ lap and then 6 laps on a 750m loop.
    • The 3000m Swim is 4 laps on a 750m loop.
    • The 2000m Swim begins with a 500m ½ lap and then 2 laps on a 750m loop.
    • The 1500m Swim is 2 laps on a 750m loop.
    • The 750m Swim is 1 lap on a 750m loop.
    • The 300m beginner swim is a point to point swim one way down the beach in shallow water.
  • EMERGENCIES: If you need to be rescued by a lifeguard throw your hands in the air (call out if you can). If you need a rescue you will not be allowed to continue the race, unless you are cleared by our medical staff. If you are allowed to continue, you will be DQed from the race results. Along the shore the water will be shallow enough that you can stop, stand, rest or walk. If you want to walk, the water must be above your belly button. Beginner swimmers will be able to touch the bottom for the whole course. On the 750m swim loop, you cannot touch bottom on the backside of the course. 
  • TO TRANSITION & OPEN SWIM FINISH: Once you have completed your swim, exit the water and run up the beach to the transition area or the finish line. Follow the cones, chalk and signs.
  • SWIM CUT OFF: Everyone must have completed the swim course by 10:00am. This should give everyone plenty of time to complete this segment of the race.
  1. 750m Loop:   
    • Sprint athletes swim this course 1 time clockwise
    • Olympic athletes swim this course 2 times clockwise
    • 3k swimmers complete this course 4 times clockwise
    • ⅓ Iron athletes do the 500m ⅓ lap and then 2 laps on this course, going clockwise
    • 5k swimmers do the 500m ⅓ lap and then 6 laps on this course, going clockwise


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