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Welcome to Madeira Mixed Madness, we offer a run/swim/run, a 5k and a 10k swim. Kayakers are needed for the 10k. We have kayakers to hire during registration if you are from out of town visiting. We also work with an amazing kayak company that delivers kayaks to the beach race day. Madeira Mixed Madness is a swim race open to all levels of competitors, and although a wetsuit friendly event, by June our waters are likely to be in the low 80’s. Our wet suit policy is that water temp 70.9 and under wetsuits qualify for awards, 71 and over you can wear a wetsuit but you will not qualify for awards. If the water is cooler and swimmers would like to swim following MSF guidelines to use as a qualifying swim that’s fine by us. Just please not our water in June will not likely be cool enough to use as a qualify swim (even though it could still be an awesome and fun training swim). Awards are all donate by a generous sponsor, and the swim event is a major fund raiser for Forgotten Coast K9, a Florida based 501c3 Non-profit that raises funds to provide service dogs to veterans. Our waters are home to a bunch of fairly benign sharks, and unprovoked incidents involving sharks are extremely rare. That being said, we do recommend removing shiny jewelry prior to swimming as an additional precaution. Our waters are relatively protected and although jellyfish/sea lice are possible they tend not to be overly common.


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