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The Fresh Start Swim Series is a set of three events a year designed to improve your race experience, as well as to improve the lives of others and make the world a better place.

Fresh Start Swim Series looks to bring camaraderie back to the competitive swimming world by creating a safe, fun, and lively atmosphere. Fresh Water Swim Series believes in the need for continuous daily change and looks to engage all athletes at any level. Whether you are just returning to competition due to life getting in the way, a high level athlete looking for an opportunity, or you are just looking to try something new because you need a change, we welcome you to join our race and the fight for self- empowerment.

All the proceeds from Fresh Start Swim series go to two non-profits; Forgotten Coast K9, a Florida based non-profit that helps veterans and first responders train their own service dogs, and for Open Water Open Arms, a non – profit that helps underprivileged communities learn to swim.

Course: The course follows the beach staying in or near the swim zone.

Kayak Support: We will have water support, paddlers, and EMS on the course, so you do not need your own kayaker that being said if swimmers feel more comfortable bringing their own kayak support they are welcome to bring their own Kayaker, if you need information on where to rent a kayak, stay tuned to our Facebook page.

Nutrition: There will be a feed station at the second loop for the 10k, there will be no nutrition for the 5k offered by the race, but if swimmers want nutrition they are welcome to bring their own kayak support or carry gels in their swimsuit.

Safety: We will have a safety briefing the morning of before the swim to confirm last minute details.

Water Temp: 60-80
Air temp: 60-80

Wetsuit Policy: Wetsuit Friendly event, however if the water temp is 71 or over, wetsuits are allowed, but swimmers will not qualify for awards, if water temp 70 or below, all swimmers qualify for same awards, exception for award qualification if everyone is wearing a wetsuit in age group and water temp is over 71 fastest time qualifies for age group award.

Awards: Cash Prizes 1,2, and 3 in every event courtesy of a generous sponsor, as well as age group awards custom made locally in St. Pete (also generously donated), as this is a fundraiser and we want funds to go directly to the communities we serve, as well as trying to reduce the impact on the environment we will not be doing participation awards. If you would like memorabilia from the race, we encourage you to invest in a t-shirt, which proceeds will again go directly to the communities we serve. Ceremony will be at 1:00 at the latest.

Club Invite and Incentive: Clubs that bring 10 or more swimmers will have a $100 donated back to the cause of their choice. This can go to anything the club chooses, from pool time to environmental clean up in their area. To make sure you get the incentive, discuss with your club and name a captain, have the captain email the names of the swimmers registered and the name that the check should be made out to. Race day, we highly encourage team spirit, so bring your tents, banners, and lots of enthusiasm!

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