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Important Dates

Registration Opens: Thursday, April 1, 2021

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Event: Sunday, July 25, 2021

Masks are required to be worn while on the beach at all times. If you are found to not be compliant you will be disqualified and not able to participate in future events.

Packet Pickup
Will be the day of the event. Additional details to follow.

Choose Your Distance

All distances will adhere to the rules set up by the governing body of Open Water Swimming. All races will take place off Dempster Beach in Evanston. 

Event Schedule

Staggered start times will allow for less congestion at the start and finish area. Prior to the event, participants will choose a start time, limited to 15 slots every 10-minutes spread out over a 2-hour start window. Swimmers completing the longer distances will have priority over the early start options.


There will be no awards ceremony in 2021. Digital awards will be sent out after the event.

The race course is a 1K GPS buoyed rectangle. Swimmers will start at the southwest corner and be directed clockwise, first heading northwest, then turning northeast before returning southeast and finally southwest, back to the starting area. Buoys will be placed at the corners and half way points.  

The 1K swimmers swim 1 loop, 2K swimmers 2 loops, and 4K swimmers 4 loops.

Event Pricing

  • 4K – $80

What to Bring

Please wear a mask when you arrive at the beach. Please remember to bring the following items: sunscreen, a baseball hat or equivalent to shade your face (not to swim in!), sweatshirt, sweatpants, wetsuit (optional), board shirt (this goes underneath the wetsuit to prevent chafing around the neck), Vaseline or BodyGlide (for under the arms, neck area), and of course goggles! Sorry, no pull buoys, hand paddles or fins.

Lake Conditions

Lake Michigan is a large body of water whose conditions can vary immensely. Great Lakes swim participants might swim in a mirror calm lake throughout–or confront four-foot waves with white caps. Your best options are to be prepared for possible rough spots, or to bow out gracefully if the conditions are beyond your experience. (We would rather you celebrate the beauty from the lakefront rather than drag you to shore dripping and dizzy.) Lake temperatures can also be challenging, varying from 54 degrees to 76 degrees Fahrenheit based on weather conditions. There will be swim suit and wet suit categories for each race. Should the lake temperatures drop overnight, “day of” changes will allow those interested to switch to the wet suit group. 


Please see our COVID page for updates on safety modifications.

In collaboration with the City of Evanston Aquatics Department, we will provide for water safety during the swim.  Lifeguards will be placed on land and water throughout the course. Fire, rescue, and first-aid staff will also be on site. 

Swim caps, color-coded for each distance category, are mandatory. Substitutes will be provided for swimmers who are allergic to latex.


Wetsuits will not be available for rent. You can purchase your own before the race, either online or from local retailers like REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

Cancellation Due to Conditions

If weather or other issues prevent a safe swim as determined by the City of Evanston Aquatics Department, we’ll cancel the race. We cannot offer refunds or deferrals, and there is no alternate date. The cost of the event is fixed and the all funds have been spent by race day.


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