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New SWIM Race:  There will be a new 1 mile swim race that begins at Lake Lenape Park WEST on FRIDAY evening at 6:30pm.  This event will be a time trial style event, as we launch swimmers, one-by-one onto the swim course.  We ask that ALL athletes check in by 6:15pm.  At that time, registration for this event will be shut down.  Register for any of this year’s event, online, Click here : Swimmers will receive a Tshirt and will be eligible for an age group medal at the awards presentation.  Registration and Tshirt pick up are at the race start (5:30pm).  GPS address is:  6303 Old Harding Highway , Mays Landing, NJ 08330.  Are you tough enough to do the double?  

Swim (LONG SPRINT Course = Half Mile; SUPER SPRINT Course = Quarter Mile.  The sprint course is a .25 mile course and will be a looped swim (breathing from the left side), keeping all of the buoys on your left. We sink approximately 10 GREEN swim buoy markers for the SPRINT race to make it easier to sight the next buoy for the competitors.  Both race swims will begin at the same time and be formatted in the same way in a time trial style start (1-by-1).  That LONG course will be marked with differently colored ORANGE bouys and will obviously be longer.  Both swims are  loops   Both swims will also end in transition area at Lake Lenape Park, WEST.  See the map of the swim portion of this event.  As swimmer enter the water, LONG course swimmers will line up closer to Old Harding Highway.  SUPER SPRINT athletes will line up closer to the Boat house.  Course subject to change, so pay attention to last minute instructions.

There will be lifeguards, rescue boats, surf boards, and the police department’s dive team on hand to assist any swimmers having difficulty. We have even had a car/boat in the water during the race overseeing the swim.  Wetsuits are permitted regardless of the water temperature. Temperature of the water is sometimes above 78 degrees F, so be mindful of dehydration and being more uncomfortable if you wear a wetsuit above 78 degrees.

This year, we will again be emphasizing safety by sending swimmers off one-by-one from a beach standing start, at 3 second intervals (this takes the same amount of time as sending athletes off in waves).  In 2017, we are the first in the area to implement this style of start.  We are asking that the swimmer seed themselves according to their ability and self predicted swim time (faster first).  This should spread the swimmers out, eliminate bunching at the start and around each buoy, and reduce the number of athletes swimmer over top of one another, thereby creating a safer swim.

The Race Director can (and will) provide personalized instruction for those that require specialized attention.  The below photo depicts competitor Joe Boothby receiving pre-race instructions the evening before the race, as he ‘readys’ his mind and body to tackle the next days challenge.


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