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The MOWS brand was founded by open water swimmer and ultra marathon runner Mayra Santos, in 2016. The initial objective was to create an international community of passionate swimmers, facilitating connection and training through a group on social media. In 2019, Mayra stood out by becoming the first woman to complete the challenging 42 km crossing between Ilhéu da Cal in Porto Santo and Ponta de São Lourenço on Madeira Island. Since then, Mayra has achieved remarkable feats in crossings around the world, maintaining her focus on setting the record for the longest distance swum in the ocean without assistance.

In 2023, we expanded our impact by founding SwimMadeira, the first Madeiran company specializing in swimming holidays. This initiative allowed us to establish strategic partnerships, such as with the Madeira Swimming Association, to grant access to these great crossings and help other swimmers to overcome their challenges.

Our mission 

SwimMadeira aims to encourage the practice of swimming in open waters and offer interested athletes the opportunity to challenge themselves on the routes established by MOWS, ensuring a structure, safety and standards compatible with the main local entities, and also with international regulations. of open water swimming, such as the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA).


Therefore, MOWS follows strict bureaucratic and logistical procedures to organize, upon payment of the corresponding expenses, the necessary human and material resources. After completing the challenge, as long as the swimmer has followed all the rules established in this regulation, MOWS will issue documentation that certifies the completion of the crossing and will include the name of the participant in the official list of those who completed the challenge in its different modalities: solo or relay, with or without neoprene.

Swimming certification and recognition are only granted to swimmers registered with MOWS, whose attempt has been supported by escort boats and pilots registered by SwimMadeira, accompanied by official observers who, through reports, ratify compliance with the regulations, standardizing procedures under equitable conditions for all athletes who perform the MOWS Crossings.

Our crossings 

MOWS offers 02 (two) routes so that swimmers can challenge themselves in the waters of the Madeira Archipelago:

42km – A Travessa 

Crossing from Porto Santo to Madeira is a challenging route starting at sea at coordinates close to the islet of Cal and also arriving at coordinates close to the tip of São Lourenço. This crossing offers incomparable beauty, with its crystal clear waters in shades of blue and a wealth of marine life. However, its beauty is accompanied by demand, making it one of the most challenging crossings in Europe.

Located between Madeira and Porto Santo, the inlet known as “Travessa” is marked by a strong current, which stirs the waters of this mandatory passage to the island of Porto Santo. This stretch has become legendary for the challenge it poses to Madeirans, who were forced to cross it in small steam or sailing boats a long time ago. This same current makes the crossing even more challenging for swimmers.

Winning the “Travessa” requires meticulous preparation, facing natural obstacles such as weather conditions, currents, waves, winds and varying temperatures, which test the physical and mental limits of the challengers. Despite the challenges, completing this crossing is an unforgettable experience, both for swimmers and those who support them.

30km – Desertas

The Crossing from Madeira to the Desertas Islands is a challenging experience with a 30 km route, starting at the Quinta do Lorde Marina and culminating in Deserta Grande. More than a simple crossing, it is a test of strength, determination and a celebration of the human spirit.

Imagine diving into the deep waters, braving the brute force of the ocean, and witnessing awe-inspiring marine life along the way. This is an experience that goes beyond the physical; It is an immersion in the essence of nature and in overcoming oneself.

When you join a community of fearless swimmers, you are united by a love of adventure and a desire to push limits. Each stroke is an affirmation of your determination and courage, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Ocean currents are unpredictable, presenting additional challenges along the way. Even so, it is in this challenge that the true essence of the journey lies: overcoming adversity and proving to yourself that you are capable of achieving the extraordinary. Come explore the waters, challenge the limits and write your own story of courage and achievement.

Responsibility and Risk

As a swimmer, it is crucial to be aware of the risks and responsibility associated with marathon swimming. You should never attempt to swim in open water without fully understanding the dangers that could affect your own survival. Therefore, marathon swimming requires complete dedication.



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