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The North Bondi Roughwater Ocean Swim (12 December) and the North Bondi Ocean Classic (13 February) are two great ocean swimming events on Australia’s most iconic beach.

As part of each event, there are two different swims to take on: a 1km and a 2km. With the way the day has been structured, it is possible to take on both if you’re especially motivated.

1 swim: $45
2 swims – in a single event or across both the Roughwater and Ocean Classic : $70
3 swims – across both the Roughwater & Ocean Classic: $90
4 swims – across both the Roughwater & Ocean Classic: $100

These events attract hundreds of competitors, so make sure you get in early to avoid missing out.

Swim Courses

Both the 1km and 2km courses are fairly straightforward, following the buoys around as you swim out from the North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club.

North Bondi Beach itself is only a moderately hazardous beach. It’s partially protected by Ben Buckler headland, and reduces wave height to 1m at the northern end. The further south you go down the beach, the possibility of bigger surf and tricky rips increases. The exact path the North Bondi Roughwater follows has the potential to change, depending on conditions on the day.

1km ocean swim

The 1km course is a smaller, replica of the main 2km swim that sits squarely inside the bay, not quite reaching the far flung corners like the 2km. Use this as your main goal, or go long by using it as a warm up to the 2km.

2km ocean swim

The 2km course starts in front of the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club and reaches into every corner of the bay before returning to the same spot on the beach.



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