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This is a perfect training swim for participants who are registered for Cedar Island 5K Swim on August 29th!  It is a point to point 1.2 mile bay training swim with the current on the back half of the Cedar Island course. This is an event to familiarize you with the end of the course surroundings and key site locations on it, the current, and open water swimming in a group. The Cedar Island 5K Swim can be a little overwhelming with 250 swimmers. This practice swim with a smaller group of 125 swimmers will give you the confidence for a safe and successful race for both events. Please read the updated protocols, guidelines due to COVID 19 along with the swim safety tips for the event PRIOR to registering for the swim and know that you must follow these guidelines in order to to participate in the swim.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP YOURSELF AND OTHERS SAFE AND HEALTHY! 

8:15-9:15AM Check in at the Avalon Yacht Club. Please park in the far right side of the lot upon entering the club. You will check in by swim times by the youth club house that is located on your left when you entered the lot. If you arrive earlier than your time slot, remain in your car. YOUR time slot will be reconfirmed on FRIDAY.

SWIM TIME Under 25 Minutes: Check in at 9:00 am BIB #1-25

SWIM TIME 26-30 Minutes: Check in at 8:50 am BIB #26-50

SWIM TIME 31-39 Minutes: Check in at 8:40 am BIB #51-75

SWIM TIME 40-45 Minutes: Check in at 8:30 am BIB #76-95

SWIM TIME Over 45 Minutes: Check in at 8:20 am BIB# 96-115

*DO NOT GATHER AT THE SWIM START DOCK UNTIL 9:45 AM. Volunteers will be there with their SUP and kayaks preparing to get on the water for your safety during the swim. Once the dock is cleared, you will self seed by your expected finish times, just as you did at check in, fastest times on deck on the dock and followed by the times in sequential order. 

You will walk down the 5 stairs (all the stairs are out of the water) to the fixed dock below, which is also out of the water.  Swim time will start once you cross the timing mat just prior to entering the water thru the posts of the ladder. You may jump or dive into the water. Head out from the dock/cove into the open bay, making sure to clear the docks on your right hand side. Turn right and swim on the right side of the bay/dock side along 20th Street to Ocean Drive where you will make a LEFT TURN around the one and only BUOY on the course. It is a straight line along Ocean Drive which becomes a  slight left turn once you reach 7th Street. Follow along 7th Street until you get to the end and arrive at the Avalon Yacht Club for the finish.

You must wear a mask when getting out of your car and practice social distancing. A quick non contact temperature check will be done before before signing in and getting your packet with your custom race socks, a swim cap, disposable mask, and timing chip.  You must wear this mask once you arrive at swim start. A bib list will be emailed July 11th after registration closes. You must self body mark your number on your left hand prior to arriving and check in at the AYC. We have a secure gear drop on site to leave for your post swim needs. There will be no nutrition or hydration provided post event. Do not linger or social gather with other swimmers after you pick up. NO restrooms. Plan accordingly. 
PRO TIP: After pick up, there is time to visit a local business for a light snack and use there rest room prior to lining up for the swim start at 9:45am

There will be NO SHUTTLE (as of now, hopefully this changes!) this year to the swim start due to COVID 19. It is just not safe and feasible to have you all packed in the jitney. How do I get to the swim start? You need to find your own way to the start. Have someone drop you at 20th Street and 5th Avenue public dock after you check in and pick up. The other option is walk (or run) to the swim start. (NYC triathlon, PHLY triathlon, and others have done this option.) Exit out the AYC and turn right, head south down Ocean drive.Turn right at the 21st Street light and go over the bridge, stay on 21st Street until you get to 5th Avenue, turn right and go one block, the public dock will be straight in front of you. There is plenty of parking down in this area if you choose to get dropped off there.
We will have s sneaker/sandal drop area at the swim start and bring these back to the AYC for you!. THERE IS NO WARM UP SWIM!! Participants will remain on the dock and then down the sidewalk maintaining social distance, following signage. Masks remain ON until you remove and drop them in the trash can just prior to entering the water. No race meeting at the dock. Things will  move quickly so be prepared by having read ALL documents on the race page here and in the pre race email.  Swimmers will be counted in and cross a timing mat at anywhere from 9:45-10:00 am depending on swimmer final numbers. Swimmers will self seed according to swim time when entering the water. It will be time trial start to maintain social distancing, thus seeding the faster swimmers first so no swimmers are overtaken and passed in the water. There is a 45 minute cut off time to complete the swim and finish at the Avalon Yacht Club which starts when you enter the water so do not worry if your are near the end of the start! Swimmers will exit by a swim ladder located on the end of the large floating dock at AYC. There will be a buoy marking the dock/finish line. Keep this buoy on your right and turn 90 degrees to swim up to the dock ladder. YOU MUST REMOVE YOUR OWN TIMING CHIP ONCE YOU HAVE EXITED UP THE RAMP AT AYC.  It is recommended to keep your own time if possible to confirm times. This is a practice swim! There are NO AWARDS so please be respectful and keep your order upon exit or waiting to climb the ladder.  You may also head up into the cove on the left side of the dock to waist level water and pull yourself out up on to the dock. Maintaining social distance from other finishers. Do not gather, pick up your gear and promptly clear the area.

*9:45 am Seeding Swim Times on the dock : Under 25 Minutes, 26-30 Minutes, 31-39, 40-45 Minutes, 45 plus Minutes. The back bay is nice and wide along the entire course. On water safety patrol will be there to guide you under the middle of the 21st Street bridge. BE AWARE of the pilings on both sides of you, as well as potential swimmers next to you. SITE and know your surroundings. DO NOT swim or make other swimmers go into the bridge pilings!! Stay in the middle, there will be room for everyone with the proper seeding times. Once you pass under the bridge you will then swim on the right side of the bay/dock side.

A commemorative BEACH TOWEL will be given to each participant at the Avalon Yacht Club FINISH , after you have removed and turned in your timing chip. Thank you for joining us for the event!

This swim is a training swim for Cedar Island the end of August. You will become familiar with the Avalon back bays, swimming with 125 other people, and you actually get to practice swim the back half of the Cedar Island course.

No tee shirts are being offered for the event. Instead there will be custom Defeet socks and a commemorative finisher’s beach towel upon your swim exit at Avalon Yacht Club.

As always, we are in need of volunteers to help keep our swimmers safe and welcome kayakers and SUP support. EDTPrice: $65.00 Race Fee
Registration: Price increases to $75.00 after June 11, 2021 at 11:59pm EDT


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