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The crossing will be organized by AGUAS ABIERTAS -NATACIÓN , and will have the technical advice of NOELIA PETTI and the tourist services of AEROMUNDO VIAJES.


1. Personal security boats with Captain, trainer and Lifeguard.

2. Hospital ship with medical equipment.

3. Assistance and evacuation speedboats with lifeguards on board.

4. Control Committee.

5. Life insurance and accident risk.

6. Personal technical advice.

7. Necessary training and tests (extra cost according to monthly plan, days and venue).

8. OPEN WATER Certificate – Swimming

9. Hydration during the crossing.

10. Neoprene suit, if necessary.

11. Personal flotation buoy.

12. Beacon for night swimming.

13. Technical shirt, silicone cap and various souvenirs.

14. Graphic record in photo and video of the Crossing.

15. Reception at the end of the crossing of the Río de La Plata in Punta Lara Ensenada with a closing ceremony. (Ex. University Club Nautical Headquarters)


1. OPEN WATER Lifeguard Team – Swimming

2. The support vessels will be provided by the organization with the endorsement of the Naval Prefecture of Argentina and Uruguay.

3. Technical and rescue body.

4. Doctors and health personnel on board.

5. Each team will be escorted by a boat of dimensions according to the need.

In addition, a fast action vessel performs orbiting tasks throughout the security operation and a large sailboat with AIS equipment will transport the medical, emergency and first aid equipment.


South America

Distances Offered

Over 10k





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Channel Swim

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