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The event takes place in Lac Tremblant, Canada. It is a unique natural site, next to the Mont Tremblant national park, which offers exceptional conditions for open water swimming.

The Traversée du Lac Tremblant offers distances for all swimmers, form beginners to experts

1km, 2km, 3km, 5km, 10km and 15km ULTRASWIM + a TEAM 15km (relays). Each one its own challenge, we are a very inclusive event.

We also offer the Swim Camp of La Traversée du Lac Tremblant on August 3-5 in collaboration with the experienced coaches of Tri Connexion. (August 3-4 for beginners; August 4-5 for intermediate/experts).

The village of Tremblant, next to the lake, is an international destination which offers outdoor activities for all types of athletes and their friends and families, only 1h15 from the international airport of Montreal.

We offer a very safe event with more than 60 lifeguards on the water to look after the swimmers.

It is more than just a swim, it is the experience of a lifetime!

The event takes place in Lac Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. The swimmers are surrounded by nature at the heart of the Laurentians region. The Tremblant lake offers very good conditions for open water swimmers : a clear and soft water at a temperature of around 22 degrees in August. The lake lies in front of the Tremblant village and the Mont-Tremblant National Park, well know internationally. It was the first national park created in Quebec in 1895. It covers a protected territory of 1,500 km2 and 400 lakes.

The region of Mont-Tremblant and the Tremblant resort is an internationally well-know destination for outdoor adventures. One week wouldn’t be enough to discover the region and its many activities : hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, etc. The region of Mont-Tremblant offers many accommodation options, restaurants and boutiques for all budgets and all tastes, a beautiful spa facility, a casino, etc. There’s a lot to do around with your family or friends. It’s also easily accessible from Montreal Airport (only 1h 15 min).

We believe that open water swimming is more than just swimming, it’s an experience with nature and with yourself. And it’s never too late to start. It is a very accessible discipline to kids, adults and seniors. That’s why we offer short distances (1km, 2km, 3km, 5km) for beginners and intermediate swimmers.

The Swim Camp of La Traversée du Lac Tremblant (August 3-5) is a unique occasion to approach your first open water swimming event in safe conditions, with the advice of experienced coaches.

We also offer rebated rates for kids (11-17 years) to encourage the youth to discover open water swimming.

The swimsuit is optional at La Traversée du Lac Tremblant.


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