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We are planning on duplicating the format from last summer. When guidelines relax and we are able to secure the water taxi, we will return to the same race format from 2019 and before.

2021 Washington’s Crossing is a compilation of three events: 2-Way Crossing, Single Distance Wave A, and Single Distance Wave B. The maximum participants in each event will be 45 swimmers. All events will start in-water at the pier/dock, like our weekly swims. First will be the 2-Way Crossing swimmers, approximately 20 minutes later Single Distance Wave A will start, and 20 minutes later Single Distance Wave B will start.

You will be emailed your event 24 hours before the race and it will be posted on the WaveOne Washington’s Crossing web page (here).

Check-in and staging for the start will be concurrent. In other words, check in ready to swim, pick up your cap, be numbered, be briefed and proceed down the ramp to the dock. Check in for Single Distance Wave A and Single Distance Wave B will not begin until the prior event in fully in the water to start. This provides separation for each event and allows us to operate within prescribed restrictions. We will supply mandatory face coverings for staging area and insist you maintain social distance up to jump time and after your swim. Mandatory attendance is required for the SAFETY briefing on the pier. No warm up.

Courses: Start and finish occur at the same location. The 2-Way Crossing 2.5 mile course begins from the starting point at the Commercial Pier to a large yellow turn buoy off shore of the Jones Point Lighthouse (west side of the Potomac) and back to the Commercial pier. The Single Distance 1.25 mile course also begins at the Commercial Pier to a large mid-point turn buoy in the Potomac River and back to the Commercial pier. Additional buoys will be set to facilitate distance between outgoing and returning swimmers and help negotiate the cross course currents from the incoming tide.

Finish: Upon finishing, call out your bib number, we will record your time and you are eligible to collect a finishers medal. Showers are available to rinse off. Once you dry off, we ask you to leave the swim/staging area. You will be free to roam about National Harbor at will.

Entries: Entries are closed. 2-Way Crossing swimmers are required to complete a mile swim within 40 minutes and be an experienced open water swimmer. The USCG provides a monitored window in which they close the main Potomac River travel channel to allow Washington’s Crossing. If a swimmer does not clear the channel within the allowed time, they will be redirected back to National Harbor. Single Distance swimmers must have open water swimming experience, including endurance for a 1.25 mile swim, proficient sighting and navigating skills. This is not a beginner course. Swimmers under 18 entering the meet must have registration form completed and signed by their parent or guardian.


LOCATION: North Cove (Commercial Pier) at National Harbor, MD 20745 See for Hotels, Directions, Maps and other information.

Event Web Site:

For Info contact:

Event Director, Denis Crean, email:

On Water & Safety Coordinator: Kurt Thiel

Referee: Denis Crean

SPONSOR/HOST: WaveOne Open Water,

Entry Fee: Register early and save. Fees are as posted on the registration page.

RULES: 2021 modified USA Swimming Rules will govern this event.

SWIM START: At the designated time, swimmers shall board the ramp to the dock. Swimmers shall enter the water and line up for a mass in-water start. All swimmers must show assigned number and be wearing a race supplied cap to be allowed water entry.

SWIMMERS WITH DISABILITIES: If you have a disability that needs our attention, please notify us prior to the event so we can prepare for your needs.

SAFETY: Kayakers will be located on the course and safety craft will be on site and prepared to administer aid if necessary. Kayakers’ instructions to swimmers must be followed. Meet swim caps will be provided and must be worn by all competitors. Water Safety Check In-Out: Swimmers MUST check in to proceed down the ramp to the dock and check out upon race completion. Once a swimmer exits the water during a race, the swimmer may not re-enter the water during that race. Support crews shall be designated to monitor approximately 250 meter stretches of the course. All crews will have a leader that is in marine radio contact with the on-land and on-water safety coordinators. US Coast Guard has approved the event and will supply watercraft to secure the main channel traffic in the river.

TIME LIMIT: Maximum Time Limit in the water shall be 100 minutes from the start 2-Way, 75 minutes for Single Crossing. Swimmers still on the course at MTL may be removed from the swim course at the Referee’s discretion. It is the event director’s intention to provide ample time for all swimmers to finish the event. (Everybody finished in the allowed time in 2020!)

WEATHER DELAY: Will be at the sole discretion of the Event Director. Race will be rain or shine, delays or cancellation may result from high winds, atmospheric electrical activity or other endangering conditions. CANCELLATION: Will be posted on the event web site: at the earliest point possible; please check the web site before traveling to the venue. Entry Fees are nonrefundable. Refunds of any portion or kind will not be given for any reason other than forced withdrawal 48 hrs prior to the start of the swims.

RECOGNITION AWARDS: Recognition awards shall be given to fastest non-wetsuit female and male swimmer. Awards will be presented to every finisher.

WATER TEMPERATURE: Temperature ranges from 75F – 85F for this time of year. WETSUITS and SWIM APPAREL: Article 303.7.3B of U.S. Masters Swimming Rules states that “Wetsuits or any other heat retaining swim wear may be allowed at the discretion of the event director when the water temperature does not exceed 78 degrees Fahrenheit…” This 78 degree limit will be enforced. Please look for water temperatures to be posted the last week prior to the event.). Use of wetsuits will be announced on swim day. Any swimmer wearing a wetsuit will be ranked separately. Swimmers may wear a “full-body” suit as long as the suit does not extend below the ankle or beyond the shoulder and does not cover the neck. Swimmers wearing wet suits or full body suits will be scored separately. A reasonable amount of body grease may be applied after body marking. Up to two swim caps may be worn and the outer cap must be the colored race cap provided on site to all competitors. In addition to goggles, nose-clips, ear plugs, and watches are permissible. SWIM TIMES and RESULTS: Will be posted on the website and emailed asap following the event.

VOLUNTEERS: Swimmers and their families are welcome to volunteer to help run the swim. If you are interested, please send an email to to volunteer. Thank you!

EVENT DIRECTOR and WaveOne Swimming reserve the right to make changes at their sole discretion. All events and pricing subject to change without notice. WaveOne Swimming is a dba of WaveOne Open Water.

Address any questions to:

Timeline (tentative):

2-Way Crossing Check-in 7:00AM; Safety Briefing on the pier 7:25AM; Enter water and start 7:40AM

Single Crossing Wave A Check-in 7:40AM; Safety Briefing on the pier 7:55AM; Enter water and start 8:00AM;

Single Crossing Wave B Check-in 8:00AM; Safety Briefing on the pier 8:15AM; Enter water and start 8:20AM



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