US Masters 10K Open Water National Championships

US Masters 10K Open Water National Championships

Online registration for the 2010 US Masters Swimming 10K Open Water National Championship is now live. The event will be held on July 17th in Morse Reservoir, Noblesville, Indiana – the same site as the inaugural and highly successful 2008 US Masters Swimming 25K National Championships.

Dick Sidner, Race Director, says, “Both online and paper registrations are available. Email if interested.”

45 swimmers from 20 states did the 25K race in Morse Reservoir, Indiana in 2008.

The feedback, from the athletes was outstanding.

“...I have just returned from the Inaugural 25K Open Water Nationals held at the Morse Reservoir outside of Indianapolis this past Saturday. It was an absolutely superbly organized and unforgettable event. The race director, Dick Sidner, went to extremes to make sure that every detail of the experience was just perfect, and he was ably assisted by members of his family, English Channel swimmer and author Marcia Cleveland, and others. The event was held on a well protected part of a very scenic reservoir/lake. Every swimmer who did not come with a kayaker, was provided with one (or more).”

The 5 x 5K loop was measured with the finest of precision. When a fellow swimmer and I arrived a couple of days early, Dick invited us to his home and took us for a tour of the course in his pontoon boat. For the entire four days we were in town, Dick, his wife Lisa, his mother-in-law, and the other organizers treated us like family. The race was very safe. The field was incredibly strong. The kayakers did a great job.

When I finished the race I hugged Marcia Cleveland, I hugged my kayaker Chris who provided me with so much encouragement, and I wanted to hug everyone else who made this event so memorable – thanks to all of you,”
wrote Jon Lenchner (shown on left).

Race Director Dick Sidner (shown on left) looks forward to another great turnout and competition.

Upper photo of Marcia Cleveland, long-time US Masters Swimming Long-distance Swimming Committee chairperson.

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