2016 US Masters Swimming National Coaching Clinic

2016 US Masters Swimming National Coaching Clinic

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

San Mateo Athletic Club is hosting a sold-out 3-day U.S. Masters Swimming National Coaching Clinic on November 11th-13th in San Mateo, California.

U.S. Master Swimming coaches who will speak include Ron Marcikic on team building, Dr. John Mullen on dryland and technique, Cokie Lepinski on turns, Laura Hamel and Cokie Lepinski on writing.

Former USA Swimming team coach Steven Munatones will present the following information and open water swimming topics:

1. The Pyramid of Open Water Swimming Success

(a) Base Training
(b) Speed Training
(c) Distance Tolerance
(d) Race Specific Training
(e) Skill Training
(f) Open Water Acclimatization
(g) Tactical Knowledge

2. What Is An Ideal Open Water Swim?

(a) Pre-race Information
(b) Communications & Social Media
(c) Safety Aspects
(d) Rules & Regulations & Protests
(e) Equipment
(f) Post-race Information & Results

3. What Is The Future of Open Water Swimming?

(a) Open Water Swimming
(b) Ice & Winter Swimming
(c) Olympic Swimming
(d) Marathon & Channel Swimming
(e) Pioneer Swims
(f) Relays
(g) Competitions
(h) Equipment
(i) TV and Live Webcasts
(j) Oculus Rift and Drones

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