USA Swimming Announcement On New Swimsuits

USA Swimming Announcement On New Swimsuits

Bruce Stratton, Chairman of the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations Committee, issued a statement regarding open water swimsuits to USA Swimming members yesterday.

His statement reads as follows:

At the FINA Bureau meeting held in Bangkok on January 14-15, 2010, revised rules were adopted for swimsuits used in open water competition.

Effective June 1, 2010, swimsuits used in open water competition are allowed to provide for more body coverage than allowed under our current rules. Swimsuits for both men and women in open water competition may not cover the neck, extend past the shoulders nor below the ankle.

Pursuant to Article 511.1, which gives the Rules & Regulations Committee the authority to amend USA Swimming rules in order to conform to FINA, the attached amendment has been adopted by a majority vote of the Committee. The changes are reflected as underlined text in the attachment. The amendment is effective June 1, 2010. Until June 1, 2010, the swimsuit requirements for both pool and open water competition are identical. The change to the requirements for swimsuits used in open water competition affects only the coverage requirements; all other specifications remain the same.

The FINA Bureau intends to publish a list of approved suits for open water competition. At such time as the list is published, it will be widely disseminated to our membership and posted on the USA Swimming website

The issue of zippers in the swimsuits has yet to be resolved and will be announced by FINA.

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