USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Men's 5K

USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Men’s 5K

The men’s field is stacked for the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships 5K. With a number of Olympians and NCAA finalists, it is going to be a dogfight from start to finish.

But with the size of the field (51) and the aggressiveness of the pack, we foresee a veteran ultimately emerging from the crowded packs as the victor.

We do not foresee someone like Sean Ryan of Club Wolverine taking it out and grabbing a huge lead and then running away with the title.

Rather, we foresee a number of men including Andrew Gemmell, Chip Peterson, Arthur Frayler, and the contingents from the Mission Viejo Nadadores, Nation’s Capital Swim Club, and Team Santa Monica poking around the front of the lead pack pressing the pace in the early loops.

With the flatness of the well-marked course, navigational IQ will have less of a impact on the race outcome than pure stamina and speed.

It is unlikely that anyone is going to really push the pace and break open the pace (a la Ous Mellouli at the 2012 Olympics) until the second half. Around the turn buoy heading into the second half, we foresee some competitors getting pinched on the inside and losing valuable time and position. However, savvy veterans like Gemmell will position themselves just right and may turn on the jets in an attempt to run away from the field early on. That kind of tactic may play into the top competitor’s hand as the lead pack will get strung out and raw strength and stamina will be on full display.

However, if the spectators are lucky, the race may come down to the final few hundred meters and someone like Frayler may pull off an Ilchenko.

The 2013 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships 5 km race competitors include the following athletes (listed with their entered times):

1. Andrew Gemmell (22) Nation’s Capital Swim Club (14:59.05 1500m)
2. Sean Ryan (20) Club Wolverine (15:20.79 1500m)
3. Jordan Wilimovsky (19) Team Santa Monica (15:23.01 1500m)
4. Ryan Feeley (21) Club Wolverine (15:24.28 1500m)
5. David Heron (18) Mission Viejo Nadadores (15:28.50 1500m)
6. Janardan Burns (17) Mission Viejo Nadadores (15:30.40 1500m)
7. Daniel O’Connor (21) Mission Viejo Nadadores (15:34.62 1500m)
8. Nick Norman (16) Mission Viejo Nadadores (15:41.62 1500m)
9. Scott Simmer (17) Team Santa Monica (15:49.36 1500m)
10. Ryan Kao (17) La Mirada Armada (15:56.42 1500m)
11. Chip Peterson (25) North Carolina Aquatics Club (15:56.98 1500m)
12. Joey Pedraza (25) Davie Nadadores Swim Team (15:57.74 1500m)
13. Drew Ledwith (20) Greenwood Swimming (16:00.25 1500m)
14. Ben Miller (18) Marlins of Raleigh (16:02.89 1500m)
15. Brendan Casey (16) Team Santa Monica (16:07.25 1500m)
16. Bobby Yribarren (27) Tiger Aquatics (16:13.06 1500m)
17. Christoph Grimmett‐Norris (18) Nation’s Capital Swim Club (16:13.77 1500m)
18. Nicholas DeVito (17) Team Santa Monica (16:13.96 1500m)
19. Cory Mayfield (19) La Mirada Armada (16:18.40 1500m)
20. Alex Palumbo (20) Unattached (16:24.50 1500m)
21. Jerad Kaskawal (17) FAST Swim Team (16:32.28 1500m)
22. Conor Cudahy (18) Nation’s Capital Swim Club (16:34.22 1500m)
23. Arthur Frayler (19) Germantown Academy Aquatic Club (14:49.88 1650y)
24. Bradley Phillips (20) Nation’s Capital Swim Club (14:58.21 1650y)
25. Mitchell Huxhold (19) Unattached (15:08.61 1650y)
26. Sam Petersen (21) University of Tennessee (15:11.21 1650y)
27. Brennan Jacobsen (20) Unattached (15:22.12 1650y)
28. Bryce Bevier (20) University of Tennessee (15:22.62 1650y)
29. Alex Nickell (19) Navy Swimming (15:26.77 1650y)
30. Riley Mita (19) Navy Swimming (15:30.41) 1650y)
31. Noah Martin (18) Navy Swimming (15:35.45) 1650y)
32. Brandon Goldstein (16) Nation’s Capital Swim Club (15:41.16 1650y)
33. Brian Phillips (19) Nation’s Capital Swim Club (15:45.71 1650y)
34. Michael Caputo (22) Eastern Express Swim Team (15:50.34 1650y)
35. Noah Johnston (16) Lakeside Swim Team (15:50.69 1650y)
36. Nathan Pawlowicz (16) Nation’s Capital Swim Club (15:51.88 1650y)
37. Ian Wheeler (21) Golden West Swim Club (15:55.15 1650y)
38. Evan Munaretto (15) FAST Swim Team (16:00.51 1650y)
39. Michael McGean (18) Shawmut Aquatic Club (16:02.28 1650y)
40. Lamar Simon (13) FAST Swim Team (16:03.65 1650y)
41. Dirk Bell (17) LTP Racing Club (9:08.65 1000y)
42. Shawn Parkhurst (21) Town of Tonawanda Titans Swim Team (9:19.62 1000y)
43. Weston Miller (17) Scottsdale Aquatic Club (9:20.45 1000y)
44. Chris Yeager (14) First Colony Swim Team (9:31.03 1000y)
45. Kyle Kemp (18) Y‐Spartaquatics Swim Club SC 60 8:26.14 800m)
46. Joe Szczupakiewicz (16) Southwest Aquatic Team (8:26.35 800m)
47. Steve Sholdra (19) unattached (8:27.49 800m)
48. Peter Kalibat (17) Eastern Express Swim Team (8:31.44 800m)
49. Nick Vargas (17) Buenaventura Swim Club (8:33.67 800m)
50. Parker Greene (17) Scottsdale Aquatic Club (8:34.45 800m)
51. Matthew Johnson (17) Canyons Aquatic Club (15:37.88 1650y)

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