Using Ice To Create A Low-Temperature Pool Environment

Using Ice To Create A Low-Temperature Pool Environment

In order to help his athletes prepare for cold water training, Beijing Sports University’s renowned marathon swimmer Zhang Jian and his colleagues at Beijing Sports University acclimate as best they can be purposefully turning off the pool heater and then enhancing the situation by pouring ice into the pool.

10 tons of ice to be exact.

We want to create a low-temperature environment,” explains the passionate promoter of open water swimming in China.

The pool’s heater was turned off for 10 days as the pool temperature dropped to 18°F (64°F), compared to its normal temperature of 26°C (78.8°F).

After the pool’s warmth evaporated, the fun began. Jian went about dumping 10 tons of ice into the pool. “The melting ice will take some time with chunks still floating on the surface.”

We have a stringent training regimen to help ensure the success of our marathon swimming attempts and to be responsible for the safety of the athletes. We want them to be able to adapt to all kinds of harsh environments and to be able to deal with various emergency situations.”

36 swimmers from the age of 16 to 50 participated in the 5 km pool test of endurance.

While this test was stringent, Zhang wants everyone to more concerned about their health.

Everyone needs to attend to their own physical well-being. If so, our country’s national fitness level will improve.”

Photo shows Zhang Jian pouring ice in a swimming pool as it is prepared for the cold water acclimatization training.

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