USMS 25K Open Water Swimming Championships

USMS 25K Open Water Swimming Championships

The website for the 2011 U.S. Masters Swimming National 25K Championships and the 15K and 20K relays will soon go live.

The course is a 5K counter-clockwise loop in a large recreational reservoir. The course is laid out entirely in an idle zone, so boat traffic is not a problem and the residents support and respect the swimmers and the race,” explained race director Dick Sidner. “We had 25 teams do the 5x5K relays back in 2008, but we will host 15K and 20K relays instead this year.”

Relay swimmers will be 3-person single gender or 4-person mixed gender relays, each swimming one 5K loop at the same time, so the official relay time is a cumulative time of the 3 or 4 individuals, not a sequential relay. Solo swimmers will do 5 loops and finish in 10 hours or less.”

Safety is paramount at this event with 15 lifeguards on kayaks or wave runners, individual kayak escorts for all solo swimmers and 3 civil service rescue boats as well as safety coordinator and assistant in a runabout. Also there are 6 pontoon boat way stations with officials anchored on the course and 2 water stations.”

It will be interesting to watch. Stay tuned.

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Steven Munatones