USMS Championships At Eclipse Crossroads Open Water

USMS Championships At Eclipse Crossroads Open Water

Courtesy of Clay Kolar, Little Grassy Lake, Illinois.

The 1-mile U.S. Masters Swimming Sprint-Distance Open Water National Championship will be held on June 9th in Little Grassy Lake near the SIU Touch of Nature Environmental Center at the USFWS Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge in southern Illinois.

The event will also host a non-championship 1-mile and 5 km Eclipse Crossroads Open Water events.

Why call the event Eclipse? The Saluki Masters Swim Club named this event the Eclipse Crossroads Open Water, in recognition of the nearby village of Makanda, Illinois.

Mary Pohlmann, co-founder of the host Saluki Masters Swim Club, explains its significance, “Makanda is the place to experience the longest duration of totality as the paths of both the 2017 and the upcoming 2024 solar eclipse cross.”

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