Utilizing Colin Hill's Warmth In The Big Chill Swim Salford

Utilizing Colin Hill’s Warmth In The Big Chill Swim Salford

In the U.S. reporters can be drawn to an event in various ways: big stars, great press releases, gamification and free food and drinks.

In the U.K., the Big Chill Swim Salford is putting a new twist on its launch and has designed its marketing efforts in a fantastic new way. Reporters are invited to cover the Big Chill Swim Salford on December 7th by utilizing the talents and charisma of Colin Hill.

Media representatives can get in the water for a training session with Britain’s most well-known event organiser and ice swimmer. Hill will also provide the reporters with a specially devised open water swimming training plan and introduce them to other local swimmers taking part in the Big Chill Swim Salford.

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